Initial teacher training: do they still teach PPP?


Willy Cardoso

Continuing more or less from where I left it, here’s the second instalment of my IATEFL warm up. I’ll present this one in six fragments.



One of my favourite methodology books is A Framework for Task-Based Learning by Jane Willis. [though I see many problems with the task types suggested]

When I first read it, a long time ago, the part which really stayed with me was the one Willis talks about conditions for language learning, which are:

  • Exposure – to comprehensible input
  • Use – of the language to do things
  • Motivation – to get the above done

These are considered as essential conditions. There is a fourth condition which is not really essential, but desirable. That is, if you don’t have it you can still learn the language, but if you do have it, then you can learn faster. This condition is:

  • Instruction – which focuses…

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