What Is Your Colleague Type?

Wow! It makes me think about myself and my colleagues!

Teacher Training and Education

(Note: An edited version of the following post was originally published on the iTDi blog. To access the original post, click here.)

Many things have been said about the importance of understanding our learners and how this can positively affect our teaching. What about understanding our colleagues, though? Undoubtedly, these are people with whom we already share common interests and spend much time of our daily schedule, be it in a staff-room or online. Is there a need to ‘categorise’ them? Will knowing our own or our colleagues’ type affect our job?

staff room Image taken from Malta Union of Teachers

Having spent 9 years in various hallways, staff-rooms, FB groups, Twitter discussions, etc. I have come across similar types of colleagues all of whom had and still have something to teach me. So, here is my list:

The Newbie Type A:

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