Comprehension Strategies in the Classroom

Poor comprehension skills are undoubtedly a hindrance to learning. As teachers, we expect our pupils to read and make meaning from an unfamiliar text nearly every lesson. This might take the form o…

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How can writing improve reading?

When educators combed research on the writing / reading connection in 2010, they found three writing activities which improve reading comprehension. Having students write about the stories and text…

Source: How can writing improve reading?

Lesson Planning: Engaging Strategies for Academic Writing


Excellent lesson and background, must read!


Building academic writing skills is essential for English language learners planning to pursue higher education, but students sometimes dread writing classes. Is it possible to make academic writing interactive and engrossing? As ESL instructors, we continually seek new approaches and strategies to strengthen our students’ writing. An approach described by Gibbons (2009) is a valuable way of integrating the development of academic knowledge with explicit language teaching and lends itself well to a variety of writing activities.

 In this approach (Gibbons, 2009), a particular genre of writing is selected, introduced, modeled, and practiced. In this article, we outline the goals of each stage in this writing process and provide some suggested learning activities that can integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

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